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Neurocranial Restructuring - "NCR"  

for  Infants , Children  & Adults

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NCR Services for Infants, Children & Adults

NCR (NEUROCRANIAL RESTRUCTURING) CERTIFIED SINCE 1996, Re-Certified in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

A Message from Dr. Lewis J. Arrandt, DC, ND
As a practicing Chiropractor for twenty-four years, my professional life has been enmeshed with the dynamic interplay between structure and function. I have repeatedly seen the marvelous and awesome responses the body makes when misaligned vertebrae are stimulated to move by a spinal adjustment.
The majority of my time in the workday is spent interacting with patients utilizing their spinal columns as the "portal of entry" to recruit a change in their health/symptom complex. The spinal column accounts for roughly 20% of the nervous system, the remaining 80% resides in the skull (cranium). Therefore, it seems that a natural imperative for those of us wanting  to affect change in the nervous system would be to search above the atlas (the highest vertebra in the spinal column).
Over the years, many notable and insightful clinicians and researchers have added to the body of knowledge of that branch of physical medicine dealing with cranial technique. One of these is Dean Howell, a Naturopathic physician from Washington State. Dr. Howell has transformed his experience with Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique (BNS)-taught for about fifty years without modification-into NEUROCRANIAL RESTRUCTURING (NCR). I believe this procedure to be the most powerful, effective tool in the arena of physical manipulation today.
I was trained by Dr. Howell in November 1996, and have used NCR in my practice since that time. The results obtained from the application of this technique are POSITIVELY EXCITING! Changing people’s lives is much more the norm now, and my practice involves working regularly with people of all ages, ranging from infants to advanced seniors.
Do consider NCR! It may be just what your body needs.
Be Well... Stay Well

Dr. Lewis J. Arrandt, D. C. N. D.
10651 North Kendall Drive, Suite 222
 Miami, Florida  33176
(305) 279-0850

We respectfully give credit to Dr. Dean Howell, Creator & Developer of NCR
in helping us provide some answers to common questions about NCR on our web site.
And, a special thanks to Dr. Odmark who helped us provide you with the
treatable conditions explanations on our web site.





A Baby's Amazing Results from NCR Treatment!

Photos follow this brief narrative

Chad was born with a condition known as craniosynostosis. This is considered to be a congenital anomaly, which is characterized by the premature closure, before the brain is fully grown, of one or more cranial sutures (the joints between the bones of the skull). In actual fact, the sutures never stop
functioning throughout life.

In Chad's case, the METOPIC suture was fused, giving him a triangular shaped head (trigonocephaly). The metopic suture (in the frontal bone) runs from
the top of the head, down the middle of the forehead, towards the nose. In addition to abnormal head shape, it causes the eyes to be closer together
than usual. This suture normally fuses together at about 1 year of age.
Most of the sutural joints of the skull remain mobile, and in truth, expand
and contract with respiration.

Some of the other more severe symptoms of craniosynostosis can include
increased intracranial pressure, developmental delay, seizures, blindness and mental retardation. The most common site for this fusion to occur is in the sagittal suture, which runs from front to back down the middle of the top of
the head.

The typical medical remedy involves a surgical procedure to remove portions
of the skull bones to relieve pressure, allow for proper growth and
development of the brain, and to improve the appearance of the head. This is usually done before 8 months of age.

Chad flew in from Pennsylvania with his mother to have NCR treatment done
when he was 7 months old. He had two NCR sequences in eight days. Chad's grandmother is a patient of Dr. Arrandt's here in Miami-that's how the family learned of the procedure. The first day photo was not taken, but the second
day photo shows changes in the skull shape already. Chad slept very soundly for the first time in months after his first treatment, as well.

An examination by a pediatric neurologist in Pennsylvania before receiving
care, revealed Chad to be in the 30th percentile for development. By the end
of his 4th NCR sequence, the same doctor checked Chad and found him to be in the 90th percentile! The doctor also thought that the surgery he originally recommended, was now totally unnecessary.

The pictures of Chad tell quite a story -
He used to be a cranky, fussy, difficult to be around baby, prior to
treatment. Since having NCR, he is a normal, engaging and socially
interactive "bundle of energy."

Please help us get the word out about NCR - Share this information with anyone who may need to hear it!

Thanks for your interest and support!


Pictures of Chad - Before NCR Treatment


Picture of Chad - After NCR Treatment

As you can see, this is the power of NCR!

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Dr. Lewis J. Arrandt, D. C. N. D.
10651 North Kendall Drive, Suite 222
Miami, Florida  33176
(305) 279-0850

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